[GUIDE] New -The Fiery Concert- Guitar mode!


Once again, pardon me for any bad translations.*This guide is translated from ClubAudition Korea*

★ New Music Mode! The Fiery Concert!!! ★

Finally, a new mode which allows you to play instruments in Audition!
With the name of~ The Fiery Concert!!!

This interesting new mode brings out more fun.
It gives you a pleasure to play instruments.

1. Preparation in playing this mode

1-1) Mode controller description

This dedicated controller provides support for this mode.

* For more details on this dedicated controller, please view the bulletin.

* Before running the game, make sure that the controller is connected to the computer in order for the controller to work properly in the game.

1-2) Other items Description

Now after hand and wings accessories, there's even instruments in addition to what there currently is. Your avatar can now put a guitar on.
These instruments will suit this mode in your avatar's hand nicely.

- Note: Upon having an instrument, your accessories will not be worn.

Special features of this item!

When playing in game, the instrument changes the User Interface(graphics).

One more thing!,

With these instruments, you can acquire Additional DENS for every game.

2. To play the mode

Create a new room, and make sure that "Other Mode" is selected.

Selection of music.

The difficulties of this mode are as follows:

Easy - For Novice players. Activates only 3 lines from the left side. (or 3 lines from the right side for keyboards). 8 keys mode only on FLAME OUT phase.

Normal - Normal difficulty. Activates all 4 lines. 8 keys only on FLAME OUT phase.

Hard - A difficult difficulty for those who are able to play well.

Crazy - For those who are able to play this mode extremely well!

* The level of difficulty for every song is not fixed, some may be harder than another.
In other words, some songs in Easy and Normal difficulty may be difficult.

* We recommend Dancing Queen - Easy, and You are the sunshine of my life - Easy for a start.

3. Playing the mode

Basically, when there's a note appearing, for example the first note from the left, you have to hold the first button, and then when it reaches the bottom, strike it [Shift key for keyboards] to obtain a judgement.

3-1) Controller controls

1. Guitar instrument
2. 4 keys game play buttons
3. 8 keys game play buttons
4. ENTER button
5. F5-F8 Macro buttons
6-1. Striking part
6-2. Tuner?
7. Flame out! button

3-2) Keyboard controls

Z, X, C, V buttons - 4 keys game play.
M, <, >, ? buttons - 8 keys game play.
Shift button - Striking part
Up button - Horizontal lines
(aka swinging up of guitar)
Delete button - Flame out! button
Ctrl/Spacebar - Pressed with Shift button on icons with an extra arrow.

3-3) Notes Description

At intervals, the swing line will appear.
(Press the ↑ button for horizontal lines to swing the guitar)

Successful in swinging the guitar will give you more points and spark(aka combo).

3-4) FlameOUT!!!

FlameOUT!!! Fever is a segment of the game

To activate, press the delete button in game.

FlameOUT can be used when the gauge(left and right sparks) reaches at least 50% of the gauge.
(* Max state will allow you to retain the FlameOUT for two times more than when using 50% only)

When FlameOUT is used, extra bonus points proportionate to the current number of Spark[combo] will be given.
In this segment, even if you miss, Spark[combo] will not reset to 0.

However, all the notes will be converted into red notes(8 keys). Fast switching of sides (from Z,X,C,V keys to M,<,>,? keys) are needed!

After a certain period of time, the notes will start blinking which indicates that 8 keys are switching back to 4 keys notes.
Therefore, you will need to gauge the timing in which you have to switch back to 4 keys!

3-5) Extra points!!!

When you achieve the notes that are in between swings, the number of success notes will determine the Bonus DENS.

In addition, if you succeed having above 1,000 Spark, you will receive an additional bonus of 1,000 DENS!

For users using the game(guitar) controller, the number of bonus will be proportionate to the number of people playing in the room.

Up to 100% bonus experience points can be earned.
(For every person other than your own, you will receive an additional 20% bonus experience points)

Users using the Guitar Controller, it can be seen be others

This is the end of the guide for the new mode!
Have fun!~ ^^

3 komentar

  1. -Alm Azuka Masaru ALC-19 Maret 2010 20.33

    Perasaan ni saia post..
    Beberap gari yg lalu.. ;swet

  2. ini kan memang kamu yang posting di forum o_o
    ehhhhh lupa source linknya sori sori sori -___-

  3. ini kan memang kamu yang posting di forum o_o
    ehhhhh lupa source linknya sori sori sori -___-



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